Pressão Sonora #107 (23.05.2020)

DieMantle - Spirit World [GutterFunk]
Commodo - Daytona [Deep Medi]
Daniel Maunick - A Vicious Circle [Far Out]
Minor Science - Blue Deal [Whities]
Poison Zcora - Victory Over The British Museum [Astral Black]
Swindle ft Eva Lazarus - Talk A Lot [Browswood]
NameBrandSound & Sonar's Ghost - Can't Hold It [First Word]
Dego & Kaidi Tatham - Come With Me [Compost]
Sivey - Somebody Samebody (IG Culture Remix) [CoOp Presents]
Alex Phountzi ft IG Culture & Henry Wu - 2nd Intention [First Word]
DJ Milktray - Instinct [Astral Black]
Jossy Mitsu - Whirl [Astral Black]
Nuff Pedals ft Maddslinky - No Boundaries [GutterFunk]
Sure Thing - Special Love (Nuff Pedals Remix) [GutterFunk]
Harry Griffiths - Garden Mill [Deep Heads]
Congi - Somnium (Joe Armon-Jones Refix) [Deep Heads]
Skream - Summer Dreams [Tempa]

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