Pressão Sonora (19.01.2019) c/ Buster

Jah Forcefield - Down Low [Dub]
Masis - Aloof [Dub Communication]
Pugilist - Natural Selection [Dub]
Frenk Dublin - My Head is a Space Echo [Dubstep Rotterdam]
Another Channel - Run (Babe Roots Remix) [Moonshine]
Mr. Mt & ARtroniks - Forgotten Era VIP [Altered Records]
Seahorse - Tiger Tail [BassComeSaveMe]
MediCated - Metro Dub [MediCated BC]
Dub Troubles - Mankind [Dub]
Seahorse - Big Belly [BassComeSaveMe]
Miniman - Back Inna De Yard [Moonshine]
Elefant Doc x Dillard - Watchtower Dub (Jah Forcefield Version) [Dub & Roll]
Pugilist - The Fallacy [Dub]
Goosensei - Soul Uprising [Dub]
B-Say - Kashmir [Instigate Recordings]
Blue Hill - Fyah Burnin [Moonshine]
Korin Complex & Dalek One - Ancient Contact [Simply Deep]
Taiko - Trenches [SubAltern]
??? - ??? [Dub]
Korin Complex - Adeptus VIP [Simply Deep]
Teffa - Run The Town [Dub]
Dubmatix & Art-X ft Linval Thompson - Killing Dub (Melodica Version) [Dubmatix BC]
Manwel T - Ascension [Emperorfari]
George Brown - Violin Love [Dub]

Aired on 21/01/2019 | with Buster | Download