Pressão Sonora (09.02.2019)

Walton - Pan > Mad Zapper [Tectonic]
Jook & Jammz - No Remorse [Sector7]
Proc Fiskal - Hoax Nos Trinit [Hyperdub]
Wen - BLIPS [Big Dada]
Last Japan - Wrong One [Sector7]
P Jam - Very Dark [MeanStreets]
Gramz - Get Them Bags [Crucial]
Novelist - Afro Pick [Mmmyeh]
Hodge & Ishan Sound - C5 [Tectonic]
Drone - Probiscus [Coyote]
Lalas 49Zone - Odjo Aberto [Lalas 49Zone]
$tag One - #Yakuza [Stag One]
Nonames ft Jammz, Marger and Grim Sickers - Til I’m Rich [Tru-Thoughts]
Etch - Out There [Sneaker Social Club]
Montblanko - Precursa [Dark Real Dark]
Vern & Milla feat. Kwam - Let's Go VIP [Durkle DIsco]
E3 Breaks (aka Slimzee & AS.IF KID) - Backroads [Nomine Sound]
Detboi - Groovedigger [Metalheadz]

Aired on 12/02/2019 | with Mais Baixo | Download