Pressão Sonora (26.05.2018) c/ DJ Lynce

Project - Thunder [White House]
Kid Lib - Yeah-Uh! [Myor Massiv]
Coco Bryce - Himalaya [Myor Massiv]
Conquering Lion - Code Red [Congo Natty]
Congo Natty - Kunta Kinte [Congo Natty]
Soundmurderer & SK1 - Lock It Off [Rewind]
DJ Hype - Rinse Out [Ganja Recs]
Dragon Fly - Smoke It [White House]
X Project - Walking In The Air [X Project]
SL2 - Way In My Brain [XL Recordings]
Smokey Joe - 4 Meg Soundboy [Labello Blanco Recs]
Remarc - Sound Murderer [White House]
T.C.M. - Spiritual Fire [White House]

Aired on 28/05/2018 | with DJ Lynce | Download