Pressão Sonora (10.11.2018) c/ Roosta

Zhou - I Remain [Punch Drunk]
Addison Groove - Shango (O'Flynn Remix) [Groove]
Dominowe - Umthakathi [Gqom Oh!]
Arkajo - Vamp [Bror Recs]
Corticyte - Modulate [Unconditional Music]
Emo Kid - Ground Shaker [Gqom Oh!]
Blâme - Renegade [Infinite Machine]
Alex Coulton - Break Pressure [Black Acre]
londes - Quality of Life (Struction Remix) [R&S Recs]
Deekline & Tony Quattro - Deep In The Jungle [Gutter Gutter]
Cloaka - When It Drops [Infinite Machine]
Dreams - Freak This [Astro Nautico]
Detboi - Shots [Keysound Recordings]
Mella Dee - Heaven [Digital Soundboy]
Diemantle - Way I Feel [GutterFunk]
Evil Streets - Sin [Trax Couture]
Kouslin - LDN Underground [Infinite Machine]
Facet - Clips [Presha Recs]
Kry Wolf - Concrete (Woz Remix) [Sounds Of Sumo]
Klipar - Shall Fall [3000 Bass]
Etch - Champion Dancehall [Keysound Recordings]
Lamont - Titanic [81]
Zomby - Tears in the Rain [Cult Music]

Aired on 13/11/2018 | with Roosta | Download