Pressão Sonora (14.12.2019) c/ Grosso DJ

The Pilotwings - Congo Libre [BFDM]
Furious Frank - Flamen G (Dj Fett Burgers 411 Street Mix) [Butters Sessions]
The Brothers Grimm - Exodus (The Lion Awakes) (WNCL VIP) [Sneaker Social Club]
Persian - Morning Sun (DJ Normal 4 Remix) [Mysticims]
Local Group - Random Utterances [Ritual Poison]
Shed - Menschen und Mauern [Ostgut Ton]
Hugo Massien - Ghost Note [17 Steps]
Leibniz - Grind [Shtum]
Borai - Ruff [THEM]
L-Vis 1990 - Signal [Night Slugs]
Mella Dee - Here [Lobster Boy]
With You. ft Elan Atias - Speak (2 Bad Mice Remix) [Hypercolour]
Norwell - Celestial Bodies (Imre Kiss 'Crisis '91' Mix) [Dalmata Daniel]
Soundbwoy Killah - Turn off the Lights [Sneaker Social Club]
Tim Reaper & Coco Bryce - E Is For [Myor Massiv]
DJ Taye - How Did You Know [Teklife]
FFF - Opposing Quadrant [Myor Massiv]
Dust-E-1 – Ruff Cold [Collect-Call]
Detboi - Secret Venom [Metalheadz]
J Majik - Your Sound (Digital & Photek VIP) [Metalheadz]
Forest Drive West - Nothing Else [Rupture]
Foul Play - Finest Illusion [Moving Shadow]
Silvestre - After Da Party [Meda Fury]
Zero - Homecoming [Unreleased]
Publicado a 16/12/2019

Pressão Sonora (07.12.2019)

Lone - How Can You Tell [Ancient Astronauts]
Two Shell - SYNC-2020 [Livity]
Throwing Snow - Idealog [Houndstooth]
LyeForm - Cold was the Night [Keysound]
Lanark Artefax - Corra Linn [Numbers]
Anunaku - Temples [Whities]
ggui - Ameniza [Lost Thumb]
Hodge - Conjecture [Pollen]
Sumgii - Skanker [81]
Ternion Sound - Sound The Alarm > Limbo [Gourmet Beats]
6SiSS - No Isms [R&S]
Kid Kun - Hollow Slide [Aufect]
Lewis James ft Lorn - No Team [Exit]
Lewis James ft dBridge - Acidize [Exit]
Sun People - These Days > Give It Up [Rua Sound]
Champion Sound - Talk [Defrostatica]
Violet - Above The Clouds [Frendzone]
Publicado a 09/12/2019

Pressão Sonora (30.11.2019) c/ 404 Not Found

Kasra & Enei - Words [Critical]
Ruffhouse - Straights 9's [Samurai]
Skitty - Opression Dub [UVB-76]
VROMM ft Rider Shafique - Level Up [Critical]
Ahmad & Akinsa - Delusions [Rupture]
Mala - Changes (Submarine Bootleg) [Free]
D-Operation Drop ft Piezo - Wretched [Free]
The Untouchables - Blackout (VIP) [Samurai]
Shiken Hanzo - Inner Fear [Renegade Hardware]
Paragon & Gremlinz - Oranda (VIP) [31 Recordings]
Cirrus - Ugly Variables [Alchemic Breaks]
Homemade Weapon - Crewcut [Samurai]
Mikal ft Xtrah - At The Controls [Metalheadz]
Thelem - Forces of Nature [Artikal]
dBridge - Trinity Ville [Cylon Recordings]
The Untouchables - Curse of the Mutants [Cylon Recordings]
Outer Heaven - The Last Men [UVB-76]
Clyde Avery - Gunman (Original Mix) [Samsara Beats]
Homemade Weapons - Walking K [Samurai]
Last Life - Menisco [Cylon Recordings]
Skitty - Rocka [UVB-76]
Gremlinz & Mystic State ft Megatron MC - Don't Start [Flexout Audio]
Ahmad & Artilect - Symbols [Repertoire]
Blueshift - Strange Signal [Counterpoint]
Razat - The Crop [Unreleased]
Bukez Finezt - Under Control (Submarine Remix) [Subway]
Publicado a 01/12/2019

Pressão Sonora (23.11.2019)

Repulsion - Mining Stage [Dub Sector]
Zygos - Rotation [Foundation Audio]
Somah - Heart Sprint [Scrub a Dub]
Mystic State ft. Astrid - Society [Free]
Rider Shafique - Santa Muerte [Dub-Stuy]
Sporting Life ft Taso - LA Sportiva [R&S]
Flatbush Zombies - Palm Trees (HØST Remix) [Free]
yunis x Rohaan - Granite [MethLab]
Cesco - Spiral [Unchained]
Rohaan - Darlin [Unchained]
Severety - Hyperghetto [Unchained]
Thugwidow - Blunt End Of The Heel [Western Lore]
ILL_K - Warp 6 [Subaltern]
ILL_K & Koobas - Walking Home [Subaltern]
Digital & Response - True Story [Northern Front]
Nomine & Outrage - Born Again [Function]
Seba & Jr Vallo - Wasabi [Function]
Sense - Let You Go [Infrared]
Publicado a 25/11/2019

Pressão Sonora (16.11.2019) c/ Mystic Fyah

01. Rhythm & Sound – Carrier [Rhythm & Sound] 02. Another Channel – Ael Na Dub [Moonshine] 03. Masis – Singers & Players [Dub Communication] 04. Another Channel – (Yes!) …

Rhythm & Sound - Carrier [Rhythm & Sound]
Another Channel - Ael Na Dub [Moonshine]
Masis - Singers & Players [Dub Communication]
Another Channel - (Yes!) Badness [Moonshine]
George Palmer & Dub Troubles - Realise [Dub Communication]
George Palmer & Dub Troubles - Realise (Dub Version) [Dub Communication]
Masis - Alla Dem Dub [Dub Communication]
Mystik - Wharanui [Dub Communication]
Mystic Fyah - Underworld [Unreleased]
Dubothesis - King Selassie Calling [Dub Communication]
Frenk Dublin - Moestuin [Dub Communication]
Another Channel - Run Dub [Dub Communication]
Mystic Fyah - Kosmos Dub [Dub Communication]
Frenk Dublin - Thunder Roll [Dub Communication]
Mystic Fyah - Ale Step [Unreleased]
Mystic Fyah - Nebula Dub [Unreleased]
Publicado a 18/11/2019