Pressão Sonora (16.02.2019) c/ Nave Mãe

Slunk - Do You [1980]
Juniper - Constellations In You [3024]
Klauss & Craig - Repeat After Me (Traumer Reduced Mind Remix) [Planet E]
Tsuri - Misato San [1980]
Peverelist - Wideframes [Livity Sound]
Simo Cell - Stop the Killing [Livity Sound]
Lurka - Battery [Timedance]
Steevio - Syzygy [Wisdom Teeth]
Rastronaut - Alcantara [1980]
Ploy - Ramos [Timedance]
DJ Deller - Romantic 2001 [Dr Banana]
D Base - Believe in Yourself [D Base]
Silvestre - Ir ao Ikea [Padre Himalaya]
Acre - Dont Get Me Started [Wisdom Teeth]
Adam F - Circles [F-Jams]
Slunk - Dreams [1980]
Publicado a 19/02/2019

Pressão Sonora (09.02.2019)

Walton - Pan > Mad Zapper [Tectonic]
Jook & Jammz - No Remorse [Sector7]
Proc Fiskal - Hoax Nos Trinit [Hyperdub]
Wen - BLIPS [Big Dada]
Last Japan - Wrong One [Sector7]
P Jam - Very Dark [MeanStreets]
Gramz - Get Them Bags [Crucial]
Novelist - Afro Pick [Mmmyeh]
Hodge & Ishan Sound - C5 [Tectonic]
Drone - Probiscus [Coyote]
Lalas 49Zone - Odjo Aberto [Lalas 49Zone]
$tag One - #Yakuza [Stag One]
Nonames ft Jammz, Marger and Grim Sickers - Til I’m Rich [Tru-Thoughts]
Etch - Out There [Sneaker Social Club]
Montblanko - Precursa [Dark Real Dark]
Vern & Milla feat. Kwam - Let's Go VIP [Durkle DIsco]
E3 Breaks (aka Slimzee & AS.IF KID) - Backroads [Nomine Sound]
Detboi - Groovedigger [Metalheadz]
Publicado a 12/02/2019

Pressão Sonora (02.02.2019) c/ Xadrez

Sully - I Know [Keysound]
Phase - Naw FR
DJ Mastercard - Drop 666 [DJ Mastercard]
DJ Manny - Like That [Teklife]
Amir Obe - Wish U Well (iyer Remix) [Forbidden Trax]
Slick Shoota - Dark Hours [Teklife]
Moresounds - Who Goes There [Kiosk]
Papi Squad ft. AMEN the Producer and Scatta - Lesgeddit Crunk [Papi Squad]
scatta - Prism [scatta]
Itoa - Hush Hush [Exit]
Pixelord - Drinky (Etch Remix)
Dead Man's Chest - Trip II Eclipse [Western Lore]
Special Request - Capsules [Houndstooth]
Redrose - Jungle Tempo [Greensleeves]
Sully - Amor [RuptureLDN]
Deft - Vapid [Project: Mooncircle]
Durban - Linear Pulse [Lit City Trax]
J.Nomad - Stuck With You [Halogen Music]
Foul Play - Being With You (EZ Rollerz Remix) [Moving Shadow]
dBridge - Creatures Of Habit [Exit]
Badman - War in '94 [IQ Records]
Sully - Inroads [Hsüan]
Nils Petter Molvær - Kakonita (Deathprod Mix) [EmArcy]
Ruffhouse - Greyscale [Exit]
Arkaik - Wax VIP [Diffrent Music]
Fracture ft Dawn Day Night - Sick Wid It [Exit]
Eprom - Twerkul8 [Frite Nite]
Xadrez - Salva Som [Aeronema]
Publicado a 05/02/2019

Pressão Sonora (26.01.2019)

Another Channel - Run (Babe Roots Remix) [Moonshine]
Freud - Voyagers [Unreleased]
OBF ft. Joseph Lalibela - How You Feel [Dubquake]
DJ Madd - Ghetto Sound [Dub Stuy]
DJ Madd - Level di Vibes / Badboy Selection / Gone Like Fool [Roots & Future]
Coldcut x On-U Sound ft Ce’Cile & Toddla T - Make Up Your Mind (Dub Phizix Remix) [Ahead of Time]
Lewis James - Praying Out Loud (Om Unit Remix) [Laundry Zero]
Dream Continuum (Om Unit & Machinedrum) - Ride Away [Astrophonica]
Om Unit - Nothing ft Rider Shafique (Sorrow Remix) [Cosmic Bridge]
Om Unit - The Corridor (Danny Scrilla Remix) [Terrorhythm]
Kromestar x Danny Scrilla - Superconductor [Library Music]
Impey - The Alchemist (Kromestar Remix) [Ghost Notes]
TMSV - No Sleep [Innamind]
Ital Tek - Prima [Planet Mu]
Proc Fiskal - Hello Boss [Cosmic Bridge]
dBridge - Own The Town [AMAR]
OneMind - Piano, Vocal, Drum [Metalheadz]
Ilk - The Sound of Falling [Narratives Music]
Publicado a 05/02/2019

Pressão Sonora (19.01.2019) c/ Buster

Jah Forcefield - Down Low [Dub]
Masis - Aloof [Dub Communication]
Pugilist - Natural Selection [Dub]
Frenk Dublin - My Head is a Space Echo [Dubstep Rotterdam]
Another Channel - Run (Babe Roots Remix) [Moonshine]
Mr. Mt & ARtroniks - Forgotten Era VIP [Altered Records]
Seahorse - Tiger Tail [BassComeSaveMe]
MediCated - Metro Dub [MediCated BC]
Dub Troubles - Mankind [Dub]
Seahorse - Big Belly [BassComeSaveMe]
Miniman - Back Inna De Yard [Moonshine]
Elefant Doc x Dillard - Watchtower Dub (Jah Forcefield Version) [Dub & Roll]
Pugilist - The Fallacy [Dub]
Goosensei - Soul Uprising [Dub]
B-Say - Kashmir [Instigate Recordings]
Blue Hill - Fyah Burnin [Moonshine]
Korin Complex & Dalek One - Ancient Contact [Simply Deep]
Taiko - Trenches [SubAltern]
??? - ??? [Dub]
Korin Complex - Adeptus VIP [Simply Deep]
Teffa - Run The Town [Dub]
Dubmatix & Art-X ft Linval Thompson - Killing Dub (Melodica Version) [Dubmatix BC]
Manwel T - Ascension [Emperorfari]
George Brown - Violin Love [Dub]
Publicado a 21/01/2019