Pressão Sonora (19.05.2018)

Taxi - Chiklet (DJ Riot Remix) [Zounds Records]
Taxi - Cairo (Al:x Remix) [Al:x Soundcloud]
Melo D - Vive a Vida que Amas (Scoobyduo Remix) [Zounds Records]
CoolTrain Crew ft Sam The Kid - Lisa Insana [Zounds Records]
BARBOSA - ?????? [WIP]
Macacos do Chinês - Noite [Enchufada]
Razat - Feelings [Counterpoint]
Bassment & HumanNature - Can You Feel It [Counterpoint]
Oder - Mesmerise [Technique Recordings]
Holly & Tem-P - Amor Rubia (Fat Cap Remix) [Holly Soundcloud]
Bass Brothers ft Razat - 2D Rollerz [Playaz]
Neurotoxin & Y.L.S. - Revo [Skalator]
Broken Sight - Witchcraft [Skalator]
Dirty Skank Beats - Back to Jungle [Kulture Klash]

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